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Spritual Parenting

Spritual Parenting

October 14, 2010 at 2:45pm

Self notes on 10 Oct 2010 from ESQ Parenting Training

Purpose of Life is to gain Allah respect; not people. My dear child, u should live to please Allah
Dah didik anak sesuai dgn tujuan sebenar kehidupan? Refers Surat Mukminun ayat 116.

I should teach my kids on the real objective Allah create you.

The objective to live in this world are:
i - Mengabdi diri kepada Allah
ii - Penuhi janji yg dibuat semasa di alam ruh ( Al-A'raf: 7)
iii- To be Khalifah of Allah (Al Baqarah: 30)
iv- To go through test from Allah and life challenges (An-biya':35)
v - Untuk dipertanggungjawabkan segala perbuatan (Al-Qiyamah"36)

Ahli syurga; amanah dari Allah

Lesson from surah Al Luqman: 12-19
i - Thankful to Allah
ii - Jgn sekutukan Allah
iii - Be kind to parent
iv - All deed count (event small to the size of biji sawi)
v - Teach solat, amal ma'ruf, nahi mungkar
Anakku, kita jumpa di jannah Firdaus ya..

Life test - Allah ways to tingkatkan darjat kita

PREGNANCY - it's the most critical point in child development
i- Baby can start hear at the age of 17 week in womb and the development of hearing is completed by 26 weeks
ii- What father/husband says to mothers during pregnancy will give direct impact to the child spiritual and emotional development
iii- Baby start learning while on mom's womb..and even, she start learn when/how to solat there! She love moms movement while performing solat..while we take wudu', baby feel happy already

Anak seperti kain yg putih, bagaimana mencoraknya? Adapt from 5 rukun Islam
i - Perlu ada foundation yg kukuh - SYAHADAH
ii - Kena ada mission/planning/discipline - SOLAT
iii - Self controlling - PUASA
iv - Collaboration - ZAKAT
v - Doa with ACTION - HAJJ

~ My child, if u amaze with something u says, Subhanllah,Masya Allah and selawat

How Intelligence is Build?
i - The process of joining of neuron
ii - Repetition wil strengthen the joining

Stage of neuron development
In womb - 100 billion neuron developed
Born - 25% neuron joined
6 month - 50% neuron joined
3yrs - 85% joined
6 yrs - 95% joined

Jgn sekat potensi anak, let them grow naturally
All child have potential to success

Thanks to Dr Ary Ginanjar, ESQ Parenting

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