Saturday, 15 June 2013

Little Chef-caught in the act

Dear Anak2,
Ini gambar auni dan iman masa cuti sekolah yg lepas. The night before, lepas Mimi balik ofis, panjang Auni bercerita plan aktiviti Auni nak buat icecream. U mentioned u need such and such ingredients and Mimi promised to buy it for you.  Later that day, both of u went to kitchen and select all the ingredient to make an icecream: milk, food coloring, cocoa powder, thickened cream and margarine! Well, all are correct except that margarine. Well done my girls. Anyhow, the icecream turn out bad..hehe..obviously ur Mimi only know how to make her favorite food only. We'll try to make better one day cay. InsyaAllah.


  1. Salam Faza,browsing blog2 orang yang tinggalkan komen kat blog akak and baca your blog too:) Feel touch that you have created blog in order to leave comment at my blog:) It's a nice start you have here and budak2 dua orang ni sangat lah comel.take care and terus berkarya:)

    1. Terharu MamaTiaMia sudi menjenguk. Azam tahun baru 2014, untuk merakam semua pengalaman dan sharing di sini. Thanks for the encouragement sis =)

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